Minotauro book series

Minotauro (Minotaur) is a Portuguese publishing project favoring contemporary foreign fiction.

The target audience was identified as young, urban, cosmopolitan and curious. The goal was to create something flashy but simultaneously distinct, capable of graphically conveying the care taken in the selection of published texts.

To differentiate this series within the Portuguese book cover design landscape, FBA adopted a more classical style. The end result also contributed to a sense of quality, something to be enjoyed and collected by readers.

The series was commissioned by Pedro Bernardo, editor at the Almedina Publishing Group.

Edições 70 is part of the Almedina Group, publishing mainly within the fields of humanities and social sciences.
AIGA 50 Books / 50 Covers 2009Silver European Design Award 2010 Book Cover Category


Edições 70



Design and Illustrations

Ana Boavida

Photographs by
Daniel Santos