The Future of Capitalism

Cover design for the first books of The Future of Capitalism series. Brief consisted of short question-based books, written by top thinkers in the field of contemporary political economy. The books were to be published in a small format and read in a single sitting by a wide general audience of readers. Typography should be simple and easy to read. Design should accommodate legible titles with very variable lengths and, since authors are well-known, their name should be clearly visible. Design had to be easily extended and create a consistent style throughout the whole series.

The solution: A fixed set of bright vivid contrasted colours, bold straightforward typography — Grotzec Condensed by Mário Feliciano — resulting in a contemporary “for all” pop style that could appeal to the wider audience the publisher was aiming at. Additionally a visual twist by highlighting parts of the full title and thus creating a second/follow up question, which almost always works as a reinforcement of the initial one, generates visual curiosity and renders the books less formal and intimidating.

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Communication Arts Award of Excellence in Typography 2019


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